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Empowering, developing, and connecting the next generation of students & rising professionals in the psychedelic ecosystem

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What is IPN?

The Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network (IPN) is the premier student and youth-led psychedelic organization, launched in April 2020, where we empower, develop, and connect the next generation of students and young professionals in the psychedelic ecosystem.


We envision a just, empathetic, and connected world where psychedelics are safe, legal, and accessible. Together, our team of ~30 student leaders work tirelessly to provide community and professional development opportunities to our network of over 2,000 affiliated students and young professionals.

Upcoming IPN Events


Immerse yourself in our extensive resource library, a treasure trove of knowledge on psychedelic research, history, and application. Our webinars, led by experts in the field, offer a dynamic learning experience, covering diverse topics from scientific breakthroughs to ethical considerations. Engaging with these resources provides understanding of the multifaceted world of psychedelics, their potential for healing and transformation, and the evolving legal and societal landscape.


Join our vibrant, inclusive community where curiosity and passion for psychedelics unite members from various backgrounds. Engage in meaningful dialogue, share insights, and collaborate with peers, mentors, and industry leaders. Our community fosters a supportive environment for both personal growth and professional networking, creating a web of connections that span academia, research institutions, and the broader psychedelic ecosystem.

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As a fully volunteer-led + student-run organization, we rely entirely on donations from our community to support our programming and operations. Any level of support, including direct donations or spreading the word, helps us make careers in psychedelics more accessible to students and youth.

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