IPN Structure

Our Organizational Structure Is Inspired By The Mushroom Life Cycle

Upon encountering a favorable substrate, spores will germinate and create a robust mycelial network, and eventually, greet the world with a hearty mushroom. Similar to intelligent networks, we are constantly evolving our structures based on our evolving environment.

In our own organization, IPN is the favorable substrate for young student leaders to create, grow, and connect.

IPN operations will be distributed across 4 teams: PsychedelX, Community Engagement, IPN Labs, and Media, directed and connected by our directors.

Each team contains a single director and multiple coordinators. Some directors* are not directly affiliated with a team, but have coordinators across different teams to support their activities.

Collectively, all teams support IPN members.

Our board of advisers are carefully selected pioneers in different areas of the psychedelic ecosystem.  They support our teams and offer wisdom, connections, nourishment opportunities, and strategic vision for the network.

Hyphae** are IPN-affiliated collegiate psychedelic clubs which comprise the extended body of our network.

You, as the explorer, are invited to review our 2020-2021 onboarding presentations (part 1 and part 2) for a deeper understanding of our structure in action.

*These directors will drive more administrative tasks including: Internal Operations, Strategic Planning, and Coin. Please refer to our Leadership page for more information on our 2022-2023 team structure.

**We are currently updating our Hyphae strategy in 2022-2023 as part of the Strategic Planning Mycelium.

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