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A Student And Youth Organization Promoting Psychedelic Leadership

Our Mission & Vision

The Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network (IPN) is the premier student and youth-led psychedelic organization, where we empower, develop, and connect the next generation of students & aspiring professionals in the psychedelic ecosystem.

We envision a just, empathetic, and connected world where psychedelics are safe, legal, and accessible.

Our Initiatives

IPN provides high-impact and interdisciplinary programming geared toward professional development, mentorship, and accessibility for members worldwide.

IPN Labs

Exclusive educational seminars, webinars, lectures, book clubs, and discussions with seminal leaders in the psychedelic field


The premier global student talk conference, featuring the next frontier of novel & interdisciplinary psychedelic ideas

Community Engagement

Facilitates member community and connection, and provides accessible + robust professional development resources

Our Impact

IPN Members

Countries Worldwide

Hours of Programming

Years of IPN


Undergraduate Students


Graduate + Professional Students



Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate the diversity of all conscious experiences.

  • We actively work to create and maintain an environment that respects and considers diverse physiologies and cultural backgrounds.

Focus on the Underserved

We will focus our resources and goals on the well-being of historically underserved and marginalized groups.

Respect Indigenous Knowledge

The history of psychedelics is deeply rooted in indigenous peoples, communities, and traditions and it is our responsibility to ensure that history is not lost.

  • We engage with indigenous communities to learn about their present perspectives on and future visions about psychedelic-related practices.

  • We believe it imperative to support solutions to the ongoing exploitation of indigenous medicines (e.g. peyote and ayahuasca).

Harm Reduction

  • We support the non-judgmental, non-coercive provision of services and resources to people who use drugs and the communities in which they live.

  • In particular, we will refer our members to external toolkits or partner organizations where appropriate.

Solidarity and Collaboration

“When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’, then even the illness becomes wellness” – Malcolm X

  • We prioritize collaborating and building broad coalitions with organizations inside and outside the psychedelic space, to accomplish meaningful change.

  • Partnership or provision of a platform to any individual or organization is contingent on alignment with goals, principles, and values e.g. via a memorandum of understanding.

Public Awareness and Education

“Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated.” – Anne Roe

Share the Earth

We aim to cultivate “a strong connection with Nature in order to activate deeper levels of our understanding of reality and consciousness.” – The Cyberdelic Society.

  • We promote environmental stewardship so future generations may experience and embrace the natural beauty of this world.

  • All events, merchandise, and promotional materials will be produced at the lowest environmental cost possible.

Cultivate Playfulness

We embody the spirit of light-heartedness and fun at the center of everything we do.

  • While failures and roadblocks are disappointing, we approach these challenges, like the rest of our work, with excitement and curiosity.

  • We create containers, e.g. IPN retreats and summits, for students to engage, co-create, and re-imagine the future.

  • We play.

Transformative Mediation

We understand that individual acts of harm impact the entire network and, therefore, demand a community response.

  • Our measures of justice will seek to ensure the safety of those harmed, remedy conflict, and address the causes of misalignment of behavior with our principles and values in that order.

  • We actively cultivate and affirm consent culture.

  • When needed and possible, we will recruit university ombudspersons as third-party mediators along with the involvement of community members for support and long-term mediation.

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